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Branding and  Digital marketing company in Rustenburg,that offers affordable Graphic Designs,Web Development And Hosting Solutions

Brief Backround

EPPIKONLINE is a digital branding and marketing company in Rustenburg north, north west.we offer digital branding kits like logos, business card designs, e-mail signatures, invoice templates, website designs, and Video Adverts. we also offer digital marketing solutions like SEO(Search Engine Optimisation), SEM, social media marketing, and email marketing. we serve the small start-ups and SME market. our business model is based on affordability to small companies, institutions, organizations, athletes, artists, and professionals alike.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put your business online and make sure it gets the recognition it deserves!” Eppik Online specialises in Digital Branding and Marketing Strategies and addresses the need for start ups and SME”s to have an impactful online presence in this digital age,We provide our services not only to SME”s and Startups but to various istitutions,performers,athletes,professionals and every day people who need to develop an online presence, our services are rendered online via our website and we use owned, paid and earned media for advertising and promotion


We work with an aspiring entrepreneur from the very start by helping  them draft a business plan, then we help them register their business  online and help them deal with any compliance requirements’like opening up a business account and registering with SARS and supplier databases, then , then we step up our digital game by designing an online business profile for them, a website tailor-made using search engine optimisation strategies for them to always come up at the top of search engines lists when people search for their line of products and services on google and bing.we then proceed to offer them a  digital brand kit which includes logos,e-mail signatures, video adverts,letterheads,i,nvoice templates, business cards and so forth and then we proceed to market their company online using social media,Search Engine Marketing and e-mail marketing techniques, the final step is offering to host their website on a annual basis and revisiting their business model on a quarterly basis thereby executing  our unique selling strategy of turning the customer into a  long term client.


Business Consulatancy

We offer CIPC Company Registrations We design Business Plans And Profiles we offer B.E.E,Share And Tax Certificates We offer C.S.D and Coida Applications

business registration

IT Consultacy

We sell computers, and We repair computers


Digital Branding

Our Digital Branding Kit Includes Domain Name And E-mail, Web Design And Hosting, E-mail Signature And Logo, Invoice Templates And Letterheads, Business Cards And Flyers

web design

Digital Marketing

We design Google Ads,Youtube Ads facebook And Instagram Ads,